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Here’s a great question for you. “What keeps you up at night?” Think about that for a moment. Is it thoughts about your children?, maybe your job? your health? your relationships? The combination of possible answers to this question is infinite. At some point in your life we think, you will have lost sleep over one or more of these triggers. 

From our experience, and from what our clients tell us, one of most common triggers for lack of sleep is thought patterns around Money!  

Money is a very emotive subject for most of us, however in reality, without it, life would become pretty difficult.

If, like the rest of the UK population, you dread the thought of working all the way up to, or even past the current state retirement age of 66, you’re not on your own.

Our second question to you is “Do you have a plan in place to allow for your dream of an early retirement to become a reality?”  If the answer is no, you need to take action now and speak to us today for a free no obligation initial consultation with one of our experienced financial advisers.


LUNA exceeded my expectations with the advice they provided me. they provide really excellent service to a very high professional standard.



I can honestly say that luna’s service has been exemplary throughout the process and they could have not done anything better!



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Managing your finances effectively can be a confusing business – we can help!


LUNA Financial Planning can introduce you to the most brilliant Mortgage Brokers in Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucester & across the UK.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We believe that this should be a standard practice of providing accurate & comprehensive advice

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is that sense of security you feel when you have enough money to meet your needs.

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At LUNA Financial planning we understand that providing a professional service to you and those you represent is one of the most crucial parts of your business.

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Divorce is a stressful time. Pension sharing isn’t always the first thing divorcing couples think of.

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