4 Common Myths about Financial Advice

Myth 1: Financial advice is only suitable for ‘rich’ people

Reality: We work with customers with all levels of income and assets.

As adviser’s our expertise and technical knowledge can bring value to those with more modest funds to invest. Advisers at LUNA Financial Planning tailor their advice to your specific situation, you can benefit no matter where you fall on the wealth scale.

Myth 2: I can do my own financial planning

Reality: Of course, you could handle financial planning on your own. In fact, two in five of us here in the UK said they manage their own finances.

However, if doing it yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being effective and maximising the opportunities available to you or reacting quickly or appropriately to market moves and legislation changes, you could be putting your finances at risk.

Financial management is a job that requires you keeping a constant finger on the pulse of markets and trends. Have you got the time and dedication to do this?

By working with one of our advisers, you can still have control over your finances, but you’ll have the added expertise, knowledge, and strategy of a professional on your side. Having a financial adviser as your expert could make things simpler, safer and the decision making much easier.

Myth 3: Financial advice costs too much

Reality: Don’t make the mistake of believing you can’t afford advice, without knowing how much it costs.

When you speak to us, we will be able to give you a guide on costs straight away.

There are NO hidden charges, and all fees are explained to you before you decide   to proceed with our advice services.

We typically charge a percentage of the amount of money you wish to invest.

If for example we are dealing with your pensions we can use something called facilitated charging, which means instead of paying us directly, our fee can be paid directly from your  pension plan.

Perhaps you would like us to  provide you with protection advice such as life cover, critical illness cover or income protection? In this case there is no fee payable as the insurance company will pay us a fee / commission instead.

Most of our clients say that ‘peace of mind’ was the leading benefit to engaging with one of our financial advisers  What price can be put on knowing you’ve done what you can to take care of your finances and your family’s future?

Myth 4: I might pick a poor adviser

You’ve probably had some experience with tradespeople like plumbers or electricians. If you’d had a poor experience, it most likely wouldn’t stop you from hiring those type of professionals again. So rather than doubting your ability to hire a good adviser, learn about what to look out for and trust your instincts.

Consider asking friends or family members for recommendations. Make sure the financial adviser you’re considering is qualified and meets professional standards and is authorised by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

LUNA Financial Planning has been accredited the ‘Top Rated Firm Award 2021’ which will be featured and published in the Sunday Times in April 21.

To qualify as a Top Rated Firm, we must evidence that we are commitment to transparency, demonstrated this  by inviting  ALL clients to leave us an honest  review. Top Rated Firms have agreed to VouchedFor that they may be audited to ensure that we have invited all non-exempt clients to provide a review.

Lastly, Top Rated Firms have shown they have satisfied clients by achieving a high average rating out of at least 4.8 out of 5. We are proud to say LUNA has  consistently maintained 5 out of 5 Stars with over 100 client reviews.

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