Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting Services in South Wales

LUNA Financial Planning believes that Cash Flow Forecasting should be used as a standard practice of providing accurate and comprehensive advice to all of our clients. Lifetime cash flow modelling is aimed at individuals who wish to become and remain financially well organised, determine lifetime goals, create a lifetime cash flow plan and control their tax liabilities.

A cash flow forecasting plan will :

  • Produce a clear and detailed summary of your financial arrangements.
  • Define your family’s version of the ‘good life’ and begin working towards it.
  • Work towards achieving and maintaining financial independence.
  • Ensure adequate provision is made for the financial consequences of the death or disablement of you or your family members.
  • Plan to minimise your tax liabilities.
  • Produce an analysis of your personal expenditure planning assumptions, balancing your cash inflows and your desired cash outflows.
  • Estimate future cash flow on realistic assumptions.
  • Develop an investment strategy for your capital and surplus income in accordance with risk/reward, flexibility, and accessibility with which you are comfortable.
  • Become aware of the tax issues that are likely to arise on your own death and that of your partner.

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Kelly took care of all my requirements for short and long term investment planning as well as putting up with the issues created by the amount of international travel involved in my work

Steve - Cardiff - April 2020

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